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The Writing Center: Home


HOURS: Monday-Friday 
7:10 AM- 3:20 PM


The Writing Center is located in the Student Commons and is available Monday-Friday from 7:10 a.m.-3:20 p.m. We are staffed by two English teachers and more than 30 trained student writing coaches. 

We will work 1:1 with you on any writing project, at any stage of development, by asking questions, suggesting strategies and helping you clarify your ideas. We work with students on any assignment from any class, as well as college essays and scholarship applications.

You can walk-in during zero hour, after school, during a free period, or over your lunch break. You can walk in or sign up for an appointment in advance at our front desk or through the online scheduler which can be found here: (Your login is your student ID number, and your password is your lunch code ONCE). 

The Writing Center is a great environment for study or group work. Hang out, schedule a conference, or use the computers and ask questions as you write. If you're trying to clarify a thesis, integrate or analyze quotations, make inferences, organize or revise, we're here for you.

The Writing Center is endowed by the Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation.

What happens in a writing conference?

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Writing coach will ask you what you are working on & ask questions to get started. Coaches will want to see your assignment & rubric, if possible.

Depending on where you are in the process, the writing coach will help you move forward. Brainstorming, figuring out the assignment, clarifying thoughts or ideas, working on paragraphs/sentences, etc.

The writing coach will tell you what his/her thoughts about your paper’s strengths and offer suggestions for ways to improve what you have.

You will leave with a plan for what to do next…and hopefully some new strategies for writing your next paper.

On Board: Schedule a Conference

Make an appointment

at the Writing Center


There should be shortcut link for Onboard on student iPads.

You can also go directly to

Login with your ID and your Lunch Code ONCE.


At the very top of the screen, you will need to select “Writing Center Scheduling.”


Click on an available appointment.

To meet with a teacher, select us by name. (Mrs. Hitchcock or Ms. Puechner)

You will need to enter a teacher name to make an appointment.

If you want to meet about writing not-for-class, like a college essay, you can enter one of the Writing Center teachers

You will receive an email notification when the appointment is made.



To sign up for appointments during 4th or 5th Hour


Class Period

Sign up for this lunch


First Half: 1st Lunch

Second Half: 2nd lunch


First half: 1st Lunch

Second Half: 3rd Lunch


First Half: 2nd Lunch

Second Half: 3rd lunch


First Half: 3rd lunch

Second Half: 5th lunch


First Half: 4th lunch

Second Half: 5th lunch


What do students say about their visit to the Writing Center?

"They helped me make my ideas clearer."

"It helped me realize how much more I should put into my essay."

"It was great to have someone outside of the situation give feedback."

"I’m not nervous about going there anymore.  I will return!"

"I have a plan of how to revise now."

"It was good to get someone’s opinion other than my parents."

"EVERYTHING! Most helpful 20 minutes on an essay of my life!"